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Automation is starting to replace humans across all aspects of work. To automate work we must observe the social parts of the system as these are the part that learn and adopt to the environment. In order to make automation successful within organisation, we must embed the ability to automate within systems themselves. People have great knowledge of how to work within larger systems and how to adopt to change. These patterns of adaptation are a great challenge for automation initiatives. But there is a way to make automation successful.

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My Story


Hi there, my name is Edin. I live and work in Perth, Western Australia. I am a management consultant, enterprise architect and entrepreneur. Actually, I hate these titles, but if I told you I am an interventionist and a systems thinker my job prospects will be greatly diminished. I grew up within the world of computers, I copied my first computer program at age 7 and I was hooked. These days I hack leadership teams, strategies and organisational operating models. I have a wonderful wife and daughter, who give me love, perspective and support that ensure I wake each morning as an optimist, even if I often face bedtime as a pessimist.
But lets start at the beginning.

My lovely wife Lana

The Early Years of my life were spent in an idilic little town on Adriatic coast called Biograd na moru (translated as the white town on the sea). I got my first computer for my 7th birthday, a very cool Sinclair ZX Spectrum +. My journey towards systems thinking has began. During those early years I wanted to be an architect. Buildings, spaces and design fascinated me. Science and maths came naturally, but my parents also surrounded me with art (we owned an art gallery for a while). This idilic life did not last long as Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1989. What followed were 3 years of war that taught me some of my early lessons about the world. This is the first time I understood that people were driven by some logic that eluded me. The 'adults' were driven by some mysterious set of rules, not obvious as first. These rules were stronger then their individual beliefs, these rules actually shaped their behaviour more then religion, politics or knowledge alone. What fascinated me during these times of war was that even though bombs and death were all around, I could still buy a Mars Bar down at my local deli.

Move to Australia at age 16 was a massive change. My parents decided to move and join our large family, who have been in Perth for decades. Having just spent three years being thought how to survive under most dire circumstances, adjusting to suburban life in Perth was hard. High-school was a chore, they weren't teaching what I wanted to learn. I was interested in connections and answers to the why questions. At age 17 I quit high-school and joined local experimental college teaching electronics and computer science by taking university curriculum and making it more hands on. During these two years I got jobs creating websites, mid 90's were awesome for people like me. I knew a skill not many people knew but everyone needed.

My first proper job was with Digital Wizards, a small Perth start-up. I spent three years honing my programming and design skills in a fantastic environment of innovation. The culture within Digital Wizards was of pushing boundaries and doing things no-one else was doing. After the dot-com crash I moved to contracting and started working on more enterprise software, but I was an innovator through and through already. Best practice was something you develop, not adopt. We used to have a joke at Digital Wizards, "Best practice was great, there were so many to choose from...".

The shift to consulting happened as few of the large projects I was a technical lead on were not as successful as I hoped. They were on time and on budget and technically great, but the waste I saw in organisations made me feel uneasy. It is at this time I was awaken to systems thinking by greats like Drucker, Ackoff and Deming. Since I came from software background I decided the best way forward was to start freelance consulting for medium size business as an enterprise architect. To be honest I highjacked the enterprise architect profession. I felt it had great potential, but was at the time (and still mostly is) concerned with IT systems. The profession lacked theoretical framework for realising the potential of architecting the enterprise. I believe systems thinking is this theoretical framework.

My daughter Maya

Working on strategy is what I do mostly these days. Within JourneyOne I have found freedom to explore my ideas and have access to clients that need new ways of thinking and working. The values at JourneyOne are very similar to those of Digital Wizards, everything from how we measure performance to our operating model, are experiments and unique in our industry. There are no sales or revenue KPIs, all are replaced with a simple "Remarkable Client Journey" measure that is measured by asking the client. Internally the "Remarkable People Journey" measure ensures my time with JourneyOne is remarkable. Think|Do Framework is the latest innovation we are working on at JourneyOne. A way of understanding organisations and work, based on systems thinking that combines social and technical perspectives. This journey is just starting...

At home my wife inspires me daily, she is the most caring person I know. Being a psychologist and a teacher means I get a "soft" perspective on life, love and the world. Her support is essential to my success without which my world would lack much wonder and beauty. The other girl in my life is my daughter. Being responsible for another human being has added urgency to my life. Her birth was a huge wakeup moment for me, I suddenly felt responsible for world I brought her into. All those major issues of our times like climate change, pollution, economic instability, wars and hunger are no longer caused by "them" but by "us". I love them both dearly and work every day to make our life and their future purposeful and interesting.


My Work



JourneyOne is an organisation with one passion at its core “Make Every Journey Remarkable”.

JourneyOne is a boutique consultancy in Perth, Western Australia working with some of the biggest organisations in Perth. My primary engagement over last two years has been with BHP Billiton Iron Ore, working on their Information Systems strategy and operating model.

JourneyOne consultants are some of the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever worked with. The company is still small, having just shaken off the start-up label. There are no offices, everything is in 'the cloud'. We do have desk space as part of Spacecubed Co-working space in Perth CBD.


My Writing

Hacking Socio Technical Systems Blog is my personal blog, where I write about my views on systems thinking, start-ups, innovation and occasionally other random topics.
“Remember, always, that everything you know, and everything everyone knows, is only a model. Get your model out there where it can be viewed. Invite others to challenge your assumptions and add their own.” ― Donella H. Meadows, Thinking in Systems: A Primer
The above statement is the reason for the blog. It is a way of putting my own model to the light of day. And so I invite you to read, comment and challenge my assumptions.

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